Other Bands That Backed Sutch

When Dave Sutch started out at the 2 I’s Coffee Bar, he was backed by the house band featuring the great pianist Wee Willie Harris who used to be dressed in animal skin.
Though Dave Sutch had been usually backed by his own backing band called the Savages throughout his long career, he had often to use existing bands who used to back other british acts in certain periods.
Vince Taylor, Dave Anthony, Neil Christian, Derry Wilkie, Chris Lamb, Neil Landon and many others had to lend him their backing bands when the Savages left him.

Dave Sutch & The 2 i's Coffee Bar House Band (Early 1959)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Tony Harvey (Lead Guitar)
• Wee Willie Harris (Keyboards)
• Bobby "Clarke" Woodman (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Playboys (Summer 1960 - March 1961)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Tony Harvey (Lead Guitar)
• Johnny Vance (Bass)
• Alan LeClaire (Keyboards)
• Bobby  "Clarke" Woodman (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Ravers (Early 1961)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Al Kirtley (Lead Guitar)
• Jet Berryman (Bass)
• Eddie Parsons (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Flee Rekkers (February 1961)
Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals) "Screaming Lord Sutch"
• Tex Cameron (Lead Guitar)
Alan Monger (Rhythm Guitar)
Doug Henning (Bass)
• Mickey Waller (Drums)
• Elmy Durrant (Tenor Sax)
• Peter Flerekker (Alto sax)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Strangers (April 1961)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Brian Ray (Lead Guitar)
• Norman ? (Rhythm Guitar)
• Ken Payne (Bass)
• Geoff ? (Tenor Sax)
• Carlo Little (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Three Spirits (December 1963)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Pete Vickery (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)
• Barry Crowe (Bass)
• Jim Twigg (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Tridents (Eel Pie Club, 1964)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Jeff Beck (Lead Guitar)
• John Lucas (Rhythm Guitar)
• Paul Lucas (Bass)
• Ray Cook (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Crusaders (June 1965)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Mick Abrahams (Lead Guitar)
• Alex Dmchowski (Bass)
• Carlo Little (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch with Derry Wilkie & The Pressmen (Mid 1965 - Mid 1966)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Derry Wilkie (Vocals)
• Ernie Hayes (Lead Guitar)
• Derek Bond (Bass)
• Bill Adamson (Drums)
• Phil Kenzie (Tenor Sax)
• Noel McManus (Tenor Sax)
• Ashton Tootell (Baritone Sax)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Loving Kind (Folkestone, 1966)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Noel Redding (Lead Guitar)
• Jim Leverton (Bass)
• Pete Kirscher (Drums) "Pete Carter"

Lord "Caesar" Sutch & The Roman Empire (December 1966 - April 1967)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Ritchie Blackmore (Lead Guitar)
• John Bedder (Lead Guitar)
• Ged Peck (Lead Guitar)
• Tony Dangerfield (Bass)
• Matthew Fisher (Keyboards)
• Carlo Little (Drums)
• Pete Phillipps (Drums)
• Joel James (Tenor Sax)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Beautiful Quality #1 (Holland & Germany, Late 1967)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals) "Screaming Lord Sutch"
Herbie Armstrong (Lead Guitar)
Rod Demic (Bass)
• Spud Davies (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Beautiful Quality #2 (USA, Early - Summer 1968)
• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals) "Screaming Lord Sutch"
• Tony Macrini (Harmonica/Vocals)
Hal Hollander (Lead Guitar)
Ron Kellerman (Organ)
Kenny Eichles (Bass)
• Dennis Connaughton  (Drums)
Screaming Lord Sutch & Studio Group "Heavy Friends" (1969)
• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Kent Henrey (Lead Guitar)
• Martin Kohl (Bass)
• Daniel Edwards (Bass)
• Bob Metke (Drums)

Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends #1 (Early - Summer 1970)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Brian Keith (Trombone/Vocals)
• Spencer Davies (Lead Guitar)
• Norman Barrett (Lead Guitar)
• Adrian Gurvitz (Lead Guitar)
• Jeff Beck (Lead Guitar)
• Nick Simper (Bass)
• Matt Fisher (Keyboards)
• Roy Young (Keyboards)
• Carlo Little (Drums)
• Sid Phillips (Sax) "Sid Berry"
• Angela Wayne (Backing Vocals)
• Renee Horshkowitz (Backing Vocals)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Houseshakers (Late 1970)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Graham Fenton (Vocals)
• Terry Gibson (Lead Guitar)
• Jimmy Wallis (Bass)
• Freddie Ling (Tenor Sax)
• Billy Williams (Drums)
• Kim Roberts (Vocals)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Rock Rebellion (January 1971 and Late 1972)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Freddy Fingers Lee (Keyboards/Vocals)
• Keith Evans aka "Frogman Curtis" (Tenor Sax)
• Alan Jarman (Bass)
• Dave Donovan (Drums)

Lord Sutch & Heavy Friends #2 (June 1971)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Brian Keith (Trombone/Vocals)
• Anette Brox (Vocals)
• Victor Brox (Vocals)
• Ritchie Blackmore (Lead Guitar)
• Nick Simper (Bass)
• Noel Redding (Bass)
• Matt Fisher (Keyboards)
• Carlo Little (Drums)
• Keith Moon (Drums)
• Sid Phillips (Sax) "Syd Berry"

Screaming Lord Sutch & Filibuster (Liverpool) (1972)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Bernie Prescott (Lead Guitar)
• Peter Moores (Rhythm Guitar)
• Jim Kane (Keyboards)
• Brian Harcombe (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Zig Zag Band (Copenhagen, February 1974)

Screaming Lord Sutch & Rock Island Line (1973 and 1977)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Steeve Golly (Vocals)
• Tim Green (Lead Guitar)
• Jerry Chapman (Bass)
• Herman Jerian' Dufort then Mike Crawford (Drums)
• Dave Taylor (Keys)

Screaming Lord Sutch & Shotgun (1979 - 1985)
• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Iain Terry (Lead Guitar)
• Ray Neale (Rhythm Guitar)
• Rob Murly (Bass)
• "Wild Bob" Burgos (Drums)

Black Cat featuring Screaming Lord Sutch (1983 - 1986)
• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Chris Black (Lead Guitar)
• Wayne King (Bass)
• Jerry Marshall (Keyboards)
• "Wild Bob" Burgos (Drums)
• Chris Gent (Tenor Sax)
• Ricky Bainbridge (Tenor Sax)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Freddie Fingers Lee Band (1985)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Freddie Fingers Lee (Keyboards/Vocals)
• Dave Briggs (Lead Guitar)
• Ray Neale (Rhythm Guitar)
• Rob Murly (Bass)
• Bob Burgos (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Undertakers (Hemsby, 1990)

• Dave Sutch (Vocals)
• George Collins (Keyboards)
• Chris Gladding (Lead Guitar)
• Geoff Nugent (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)
• Mark Clarke (Alto Sax)
• Richard Austin (Bass)
• Derek White (Drums)

The Ravers featuring Screaming Lord Sutch (4 months, Late 1980's/Early 1990's)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Geoff Everett (Lead Guitar)
• Tony Ellis (Bass)
• Mike Crawford (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Rapiers (Late 1990/Late 1998/Early 1999)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Colin Pryce-Jones (Lead Guitar)
• Neil Ainsby (Rhythm Guitar)
• Brad Dallaston (Bass)
• John Tuck (Drums)

Screaming Lord Sutch With Mike Sheridan & The Nightriders (Late 1991)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Mike Sheridan (Backing Vocals)
• Neil Gauntlett (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals)
• Alan Garfield (Bass/Backing Vocals)
• Phil Middleton (Drums/Backing Vocals)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Boston Revue (Alexander’s club, Chester, 1999)

Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
Jason Dale (Lead Guitar/Vocals
Spencer Dale (Bass)
Geoff Taylor then Dave Broberg (Drums)
Allen "Gaz" Gaskell (Tenor Sax)

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Carlo Little All Stars (June 1999)

• Dave Sutch (Lead Vocals)
• Alex Chanter (Lead Guitar)
• Rick Brown (Bass)
• Johnny Casanova (Keyboards)
• Carlo Little (Drums)

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Mark said...

The Meteors (Fenech, Lewis & Robertson) never backed Sutch. They played on the same bill in London in 1981 and released a record for this show with the Meteors on one side and Sutch on the other.