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Anonymous said...

hi guys
keep up the good work

johnny said...

Hi guys

Great work Alain and the team. An authentic work which refers to the authentic band, and not any who have no rights to call themselves Savages (you know who you are). We are back and as bold and loud as ever and will be where we belong...on the road! It's an attitude thing!
Love you all
Johnny Casanova
Jack Irvine
Anji Antinori
Dave Dix
Nick Simper

TheDodger said...

Hi There
Best regards from Rodger (Scratch and Scrape Bailey, the top pop guitarist) Mingaye
Thanks for all the hard work on the site

chrispluck said...

Happy memories of the Savages. I think it was 1998 or 1999 and I was playing in Hamburg as lead guitarist for the Undertakers. After wandering the streets of Hamburg for hours I decided to go downstairs to a little cellar club for a beer. The Undertakers carried on exploring and downstairs I was greeted by the Savages ( Sutchy was resting) who made me very welcome. Later on my band returned and a great night was had by all. We were all playing at a large venue in Hamburg the following night but we partied to the wee small hours. The pub was called the Rattenkeller and the Undertakers always visited it whenever we returned to Hamburg.
Great memories, have a good gig y'all,

Wild Bob Burgos said...

To Alain, Christine & all the team!
Just to say a very big thankyou for all your hard work concerning my old pal 'Screaming Lord Sutch',....I say old pal,.....But he was really like a brother to me, and a true family member. All those who knew him will truly understand what I mean,...He was a one off, and I can't think of anyone who could take his place. He was a master in all that he did, and a true Rocker from his heart, that has been emulated many times, but never equalled,...He was unique in every way, and i'm proud to have known him as a dear friend, and be a member of his band 'The Savages'.
You can live a lifetime and still never meet someone like David, ...He was so influential, and his inspiration will always be with me throughout my life. David's illustrious career was incomparable to any other artist / performer that I know, and my admiration for him in achieving so much for so long will always remain at the highest level.
I could write so much about David, and all the fun we had on and off the road for more than 20 years, and still not cover everything.
He was a wonderful person, a great guy and a true pal, and I miss him dearly.
So thankyou Alain & Christine for all that you are doing for my old pal 'Screaming Lord Sutch',.....His memory will live on thanks to you both, and if he was here with us today,...I know he would just love all that you are doing for him,....And as for the remaining 'Savages',...Anji, Dixie Johnny, Jack and Nick,.....Keep it Rockin' guys,....Dave would be proud of you!
Always a Friend,
'Wild Bob Burgos' 
(Former Savages Drummer)

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys & Dolls
what about the Halloween gig in Gorveston???

Anonymous said...

terrific site
keep on rocking!

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm Eric from France
I've seen the Lord and his Savages at Palais des Sport in Villeurbane near Lyon in the mid 60s (65 or 66).
they were on the same bill as the Who
do you know the line of the Savages,

COLIN DALE said...

YES YOUR GETTING THERE ! Rock n Roll has a lot of Myth and Legend ? You have used some of the myth and most of the legend !
I think David would be pleased !
Did you know that their is supposed to be copyright on the Savages name?
How can that be ? at my last count there was 897 of them ( I've been told that's a low count on my part?
Keep up the good work, Regards, Colin Dale