'Wild Bob Burgos' & The Helsinki Savages

'The show must go on' by 'Wild Bob Burgos'....(Finland 1988)
"Myself and Lord Sutch were booked to play a show in Finland back in 1988, which meant that we couldn't take any of David's props,....(Axes, Choppers, Swords, Fire Equipment, Coffin etc, etc) as we had to take a flight from London's Heathrow Airport, and there was no way that we were going to be allowed to take these dangerous looking items on board with us, so we went very light handed, and took the flight with just our hand luggage.
On our arrival, we were taken to our hotel, and on the next day we were driven to this huge weekend festival where David was headlining on the saturday night. David was running around asking the promoters to find him some props for his show, as he always had plenty of back-up items on every gig that he played, but no one could help him with his crazy requests, and it was very amusing to see the expressions on all these guys faces when David asked for several Axes, Swords, Choppers, Coffin and items to start a fire on stage,...It was a time in my life that I shall never forget.
So it was time for us to go on stage and play,...The band before us came off, and on we went to a hungry 1500 teddy boy's cheer as the curtain went up. We screamed into a frenzy of Rock 'n' Roll up-tempo classic's, and then came the time for David to steal the show,...But he didn't have any of his props with him,...The stage was massive and there was nothing on it that he could use, and showing his true character that we all loved about him,...He looked up and noticed this extremely long curtain pole that was holding all the curtains up, he then jumped up onto one of the amplifier's and yanked it from the wall,.....All the cutains above came down on top of us, and the audience loved it,...The teds were going crazy, and when David hoisted the pole up and out into the croud, they held onto it, and it ended up being a 'tug of war situation,....With David finishing the night off that nobody will ever forget, because it nearly caused a riot, but he was the star on that weekend, and I shall never forget it, and the Finish teds won't either, cause i'm still reminded about it all these years later.
So who needs props when 'Screaming Lord Sutch' hits the stage,...The show must go on,....And so it did."

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