· Release Date: 1972
· Genre & Styles: Rock & Roll, British Trad Rock
· Label: Wounded Bird, Atlantic
· Ref : K 40313
· Recording Date: April 12th, 1970
· 8 Tracks
· Total Time: 37:05

8 Tracks
1. Gotta Keep A-Rocking (Dave Sutch) (4:42)
2. Roll Over Beethoven (Chuck Berry) (2:37)
3. Country Club (Dave Sutch) (3:20)
4. Hands of Jack the Ripper (Dave Sutch) (9:38)
5. Good Golly Miss Molly (Robert Blackwell/John Marascalco/Charles Calhoun) (5:13)
6. Great Balls of Fire (Otis Blackwell , Jack Hammer) (4:19)
7. Bye Bye Johhny/Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry) (4:17)
8. Tutti Frutti Medley: Long Tall Sally/Jenny Jenny/Keep A-Rockin'/Jenny J (5:12) (Richard Penniman, Robert "Bumps" Blackwell, Enotris Johnson, Dorothy LaBostrie, Joe Lubin)

· Screaming Lord Sutch (Producer, Main Performer as Vocalist)
· Annette & Victor Brox (Vocals)
· Brian Keith (Trombone,Vocals)
· Sid Phillips (Saxophone)
· Ritchie Blackmore (Guitar)
· Nick Simper (Bass)
· Noel Redding (Bass)
· Matthew Fisher (Organ, Piano)
· Carlo Little (Drums)
· Keith Moon (Drums)
· Vic Maile (Producer, Engineer)

On 12 April 1970, Screaming Lord Sutch invited former members of the Savages to a jam at The Country Club, Hamstead, London: Ritchie Blackmore on guitar, Nick Simper on bass, Matthew Fisher on organ, Brian Keith on trombone and Carlo Little on drums. Blackmore had just finished a 5-date tour of Scotland with Deep Purple. Simper, who had been elbowed from this band the previous Summer, didn’t want to do it… Periodic accompaniment was provided by other "Heavy Friends" such as Spencer Davis of The Spencer Davis Group, Keith Moon of The Who, Annette & Victor Brox or Saxophonist Sid Phillips aka "Sid Berry" (ex Cliff Bennett's Rebel Rousers). They were all between the Hands Of Jack The Ripper...

Caroline Boucher (Disc): "At The Country Club, the band was Brian Keith of Plastic Penny on trombone, Sid Berry (ex Cliff Bennett) on sax, Spencer Davis on guitar, Ritchie Blackmore and Nick Simper, with Matthew Fisher on organ and Carlo Little on drums. Periodic accompaniment was provided by Keith Moon after 2 hours of old rock numbers… Lord Sutch took the stage just after 9. He clearly had no intention of running an expensive band of Heavy Friends quality for live shows following this one-off. Those who attended future gigs hoping to see the star names from his LP may not have been best pleased. People turned up in droves to watch Screaming Lord Sutch chase members of an anonymous backing group around the stage with a mop."

Steve Rosen (Guitar Player): How did that post-Sutch album, Hands Of Jack The Ripper, happen?
Ritchie Blackmore: "Sutch phones me up and said "Do you fance playing tomorrow night?" I agreed and I came down with [keyboardist] Matt Fisher of Procol Harum, and we did just a night of playing. And I saw the recording equipment and thought, "He's doing it again." And he said here's $500 for playing tonight."

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