The Current Savages 'The Spiritual Home of Rock and Roll'

THE SAVAGES in 2010 are:

  • Johnny Casanova, Keyboards, vocals (from Houston Texas USA)

  • Nick Simper, Bass (ex- Johnny Kidd's Pirates, Deep Purple and Warhorse)

  • Angi Antinori, Guitar (ex-Heidi /Currently with Map of China)

  • Jack Irving, Drums, vocals (ex-Heidi, Longdancer, Chanter, Bloodsport /Currently with Map of China)

After the death of David Sutch in June 1999, Guitarist Anji Antinori, Drummer Jack Irvin and bass player Tony Dangerfield continued to play together as The Savages, touring on their own across The World. The Savages weren't just a backing band. Don't forget that They used to do an opening set about 30 minutes before Screaming Lord Sutch came on stage.

They were joined by Texan keyboard player Johnny Casanova who was a former member of The Official Savages too. Sadly Tony Dangerfield, who worked alongwith David Sutch for more than Four decades (since early 1964!), passed away in July 2007 and original bass player Ricky "Fenson" Brown was lined-up to take over bass duties but never performed with the band in this era.

Nicky Simper, original Deep Purple bass player, who first played The Savages during The Summer Of Love '67, is back on bass.

This year 2010, It is the 50th year of The Savages and they are planning to do something a little bit special hopefully involving former band members and 'friends'.

The Current Savages are at last going back into the studio to start pre-production on the 50th anniversary project...

Johnny Casanova:

"We we will be getting together some new stuff...we are going to be putting down an album worth of trax which have had a 'savage' connection either through former members, or 'friends', having crossed paths.... the idea is that we get former players and friends and they play on tracks of course they did not play on with their bands (great names of British Rock history are guested)... this idea was given by the Rolling Stones office when i asked about Ronnie (Wood) and Keith (Richards), as 'friends'... The Savages are 'The spiritual home of rock and roll' whose heritage is second to none in the history of Rock and Roll. This band will keep right on rocking into eternity and beyond, real Savages don't stop rockin'!..."

Read the Message from Johnny Casanova for further info

Screaming Lord Sutch
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THE SAVAGES featuring Johnny Casanova (Houston USA)
Rock & Roll meets Garage Rock

THE SAVAGES 41st Line-up and one of their best in the last 20 years!
Johnny Casanova, Keyboards, vocals (Houston Texas USA)
Nick Simper, Bass (Deep Purple/The Pirates)
Jack Irving, Drums, vocals
Angi Antinorri, Guitar
The Savages, Hey, it’s just an attitude thing

Pop historian and Beatles/Stones/Yardbirds biographer
and author of Oscar nominated film ‘Backbeat’,

Alan Clayson
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It looks like there is no Sutch A Night at The Ace this year and we don't know whether the Sutch Festival in Llanwrtyd Wells in Mid Wales