Message from Johnny Casanova, current keyboard player and now lead vocalist, with The Savages

"This is Johnny Casanova, Savages keyboard player who joined The Savages in 1995.
I first met David Sutch at a festival at Donnington in 1995 where he asked me to join him on stage and then join The Savages who were then Anji, Jack, Tony and Dave on sax.
I played 'official' Savages gigs from then on until his death in 1999 when he tended to be using the Carlo Little All Stars as there were 'problems' personally in his life which marginalised the official Savages - this was Anji, Jack and Tony. The Savages with these players did continue to play without Sutch, and I joined them when I could, and following the death of Sutch and Tony, The band today is Anji Antinori, Jack Irvin, myself and Nicky Simper (original Deep Purple bass player who first played The Savages during The Summer Of Love '67) is back on bass.

Many have thought they had been Savages when in a pickup band for David, however, it was always known by those around david who the 'official' line-up was, and that goes today.
It is 50 years of the Savages this year and plans are afoot. The Savages are 'the spiritual home of rock and roll' whose heritage is second to none in the history of Rock and Roll. Whatever David's shortcomings, he knew a good musician when he heard one, and he would ensure he had the best available behind him - and that has been born out over the years. To all who were there...once a Savage, always a Savage. salute"

Johnny Casanova's career, Before The Savages
"About Myself
I have been around the block some and travelled a great deal - something which is one of the benefits of this business.

Having been from the hill country in north east Texas, I flirted with the music scene in Houston, where i really got into the blues, being lucky enough to play with the likes of Grady Gaines, Joe 'guitar' Hughes, Trudy Lynn and a number of other great Texas Blues musicians.

When I went to London, I worked on shows with the likes of The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Bo Diddley, Carlene Carter, then when I was in France, spent time with former Eurythmic, Dave Stewart, then some big charity shows in London which included Plant and Page, Bruce Dickinson, Adrian S Bill Duffy and Ian Astbury, Mica Paris; then had a recent release of an album which included former Savages Drummer Carlo Little as I was one of the All Stars, which also included Ronnie Wood, Jeff Beck, Long John Baldry, Matthew Fisher and Art Wood. It was a blast! At my own Club Jam in London I also played with the likes of Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch (The Shadows, on different occasions) and the great Albert Lee.
I also worked in theater where I played the part of Jerry Lee Lewis which I actually enjoyed although I did not think I would."

Johnny Casanova
The Savages

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John Harvey said...

I have a photograph of Johnny Casanova playing at the Constitutional Club in Aberdare, South Wales UK. I'm not quite sure when this was, possibly early 90s. My son (drums) and a couple of my friends backed Johnny. He also played another show which may have been the following night I think, in Pontypridd. I can't remember if the same musicians backed him or it was a different band. Any thoughts on this?
John Harvey