Recording Sessions for Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages

Jimmy Page played sessions for various groups and artists between late 1962 and spring 1966, among others Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages, on their fourth and fifth singles both released in 1964 and produced by Joe Meek.

It's unclear if Page really filled in as a member of The Savages, although Screaming Lord Sutch stated it in some interviews.

The first single was released in July 1964 but record earlier in the year.
The A-side was a self penned Sutch’s number, the B-side was a rendition of Johnny Otis’ blues standard.
Jimmy already used fuzz box for the lead guitar part.
Alongside him, there were Rick Brown, on bass, Carlo Little, on drums, Tony Marsh, on piano and a trio of black female vocalists called ‘The Velvettes’ who provided the backing vocals. They actually came from Cyril Davies’ band.

The latter was released four months later. This once Jimmy just played rhythm guitar while Jeff Beck played lead on the B-side, “Come Back Baby”.
Contrary on the common belief, it’s not Jeff Beck who played lead on the A-side "Dracula's Daughter" but Geoff Mew, then current lead guitarist of the Savages.

Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
• "She's Fallen Love With A Monster Man/Bye Bye Baby" (Oriole CB 1944, July 1964)
• "Dracula's Daughter/Come Back Baby" (Oriole CB 1962, 23 Octobre 1964)

Five years later,in 1969, Jimmy Page help out once again Screaming Lord Sutch on his debut album, released the following year: “Screaming Lord Sutch & His Heavy Friends”. At that time he was part of Led Zeppelin and while touring America, he and drummer John Bonham played on six numbers. On sleeve notes of this album Page is credited as a producer and composer.
Alonside Page and Bonham, other sessionmen were bass players Daniel Edwards and Noel Redding from Fat Mattress (formerly with the Jimi Hendrix Experience).

Jimmy Page and John Bonham played on
1. Wailing Sounds (Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch)
2. 'Cause I Love You (Jimmy Page , John Bonham, Lord Sutch)
3. Flashing Lights (Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch)
4. Union Jack Car (Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch)
5. Baby, Come Back (Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch)
6. Thumping Beat (Jimmy Page, Lord Sutch)

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